Friday, August 1, 2008

Bahubali and other photos- Karkala Udupi

Karkala is a taluk headquarter in Udupi district, Karnataka. This post shows you couple photos taken near one of the places of tourist interest in Karkala, Gomateshwara(aka Bahubali Statue).

Fully censored and U/A certified image of Bahubali (Gomateshwara) near Karkala. The highest Gomateshwara statue is located at Shravanabelagola [Full details on Gomateshwara]

Host Chaturmukha Basadi: View from top of the hill on which Bahubali Statue is located!
Chaturmukha Basadi: View from top of the hill on which Bahubali Statue is located. This temple is based on jain architecture and hosts statues of different Jain leaders.

KG far view!
Bahubali statue far view (from Chaturmukha Basadi)
Steps leading to chaturmuka basadi!
Steps leading to chaturmuka basadi.
Protected monument!
Protected monument

KG from side!
Gomateshwara from side

‘Rama samudra’ lake. Municipality water supply for the Karkala town comes from this lake. (I'd thought it to be a river, thanks to Devika for correcting)


Coconut plantation!
Coconut plantation

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Another view

1000 pillars temple, Moodabidri!
1000 pillars temple (Saavira kambada basadi), Moodabidri.[Full details]

All above photos are hosted on and are available as a slideshow at the location below.

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Photos by Shrinidhi.Digitally compressed images. Original high resolution photos were taken on Olympus FE 170 and can be made available on request.

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Dr Kiran K V Acharya said...

Dear Srinidhi, You have succesfully captured the greenery of udupi district! Also note that there is special lighting for 1000 pillar basadi...which looks magnificent in twilight...(another first here is allowing photography of the basadi for a fee to be paid for maintenance fund- unlike most other temples where photography is prohibited!)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Hello Doctor,

thanks for visiting the blog and the comment

Wasn't aware of lighting feature in 1000 pillar basadi.

Will try to visit next time.

Thanks for the info

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